Multi-LED Illuminator

The Multi-LED Illuminator (MLI) is a 2U rack-mounted enclosure that contains up to 16 different high-power LED emitters. The MLI provides a range of wavelengths of light to the T°Imager® Measurement Head, making it possible to achieve excellent results for a variety of samples and surface materials. Although the MLI does not have a monochromator’s fine-tuning capability, it provides a diverse range of light wavelengths, enabling users to optimize measurement results based on their test setup. The MLI can be used for both steady-state and transient measurements. Each LED has its own SMA connector and delivers its light to the T°Imager® Measurement Head light port via an optical fiber.

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Multi-LED Illuminator Models



Multi-LED enclosure with up to 12 LED emitters



Multi-LED enclosure with up to 16 LED emitters.



Choose up to sixteen (16) different, high powered LED emitters ranging from 365 nm to 850 nm. Since the emitters are housed in a rack-mounted enclosure, they can be upgraded in the future to replace existing wavelengths or add new wavelengths as they become available on the LED market.


  • Very high light intensity
  • Steady-state or pulsed for transient measurements
  • Customizable LED emitters: near-UV to near-IR wavelength range
  • Modular design installs in T°Imager® System Rack Station
  • Light delivered by optical fiber, coupled by a secure SMA connector

Available Wavelengths

365 nm
375 nm
385 nm
395 nm
405 nm
420 nm
450 nm
455 nm
470 nm
490 nm
505 nm
530 nm
565 nm
590 nm
617 nm
625 nm
660 nm
730 nm
780 nm
810 nm
850 nm