Thermal Imaging

The T°Imager® captures thermal images of active microelectronics at deep submicron resolutions. Our technology eliminates the need for surface preparation or painting and enables non-contact, in-situ metrology. The system can perform in-situ calibration and can measure transients at up to 1 microsecond time resolution. The modular design allows the thermography systems to evolve to meet your current and expanding needs.

Material Thermal Properties

The Transometer™ performs simultaneous measurements of the thermal conductivity of thin-films and the interface thermal resistance between them. The TMX Scientific system is non-contacting, non-destructive, and capable of measuring the thickness of opaque thin-film layers.

Thermal Simulation

TMX Scientific is developing next-generation thermal simulation applications to enable microelectronic analysts to (a) adaptively and automatically solve transient, three-dimensional heat transfer problems in complex devices characterized by scales that range from centimeters to nanometers and (b) combine simulation and measurement to determine the temperature behavior of key internal features that are inaccessible to direct measurement.

Illumination Sources

Light up your test samples with multi-wavelength LED systems from TMX  Scientific. These systems are rack-mountable, deliver light via an optical fiber, and can accommodate up to 16 different high-power LED emitters. Both steady-state and transient models are available over a wide range of light wavelengths.