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On-Site Measurements

TMX Scientific thermal microscopy and metrology systems offer next generation solutions for submicron thermal challenges. Our non-contact, thermoreflectance-based systems help reduce design cycle time and costly trial and error with dependable results. With our tools and expertise you will be able to:

  • Map surface temperatures of active microelectronic devices with pixel-perfect accuracy
  • Simulate the 3D thermal behavior of your complex devices
  • Animate device heating and cooling cycle temperature maps over a period of time
  • Measure thermal diffusivity and interface resistance of ultra-thin-films
  • Measure the thickness of opaque thin-film layers

Want to utilize our products and expertise without purchasing the equipment? TMX Scientific offers on-site measurements with the following systems:

*Analysis may include the use of T°Pixel® upon request.

In order to take advantage of these services, simply fill out the appropriate contact form below for the sample specifications and submit it to the email address listed on the form.

  • T°Imager Measurement Contact Form
  • Transometer Measurement Contact Form

On-Site Analysis

TMX Scientific offers thermal analysis and simulation services using any of our advanced programs:

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