The T°Imager series delivers turn-key, CCD thermal microscopy systems that generate thermal images of active microelectronics at deep submicron resolutions. T°Imager illustrates surface temperature changes of a device under test (DUT) by using thermoreflectance physics to relate minute differences in the DUT's reflectivity to changes in temperature. Its fully optical technology quickly and non-invasively produces large thermal images without requiring special surface preparations. By utilizing light in the near-UV, visible, and near-IR spectrums, T°Imager can also take measurements on materials that are currently transparent to infrared technology or not measurable by Raman Spectroscopy.

The T°Imager Measurement Head first delivers a ray of light at a specified wavelength to the DUT. Then, it utilizes a high dynamic range (HDR) camera that is synchronized with the DUT's modulation to capture images of the DUT in its hot (on) and cold (off) states. The T°Imager system converts the light intensity changes between these pairs of images to temperature differentials and yields a thermal image capable of illustrating changes as small as 0.1°C (0.18°F) with a pixel resolution of 0.1 µm (3.9E-6 in.). The intuitive user interface allows the user to view and position the DUT, to easily manipulate the DUT activation settings, to control the data acquisition process, and to save and/or export the resulting temperature field. The interface also provides a manual focusing aid to facilitate clear thermal images.

The baseline T°Imager system includes a Measurement Head (with a light port and a four position objective lens turret), a System Control Unit, an illumination source, a System Rack Station, and a large computer display. The T°Imager system's compact Measurement Head easily mounts to a customer-furnished probing station with an adapter plate (customized for each probing station and supplied by TMX Scientific). Additional customer furnished equipment includes a floating table to minimize ambient vibrations that may affect measurements. Although the probing station and floating table are not provided with the system, a TMX Scientific specialist can recommend units for purchase.

Most of the T°Imager system's other components are contained within the System Rack Station, leaving desktop surfaces free of clutter, even if additional features are purchased. Due to its highly modular design, the T°Imager thermography system can evolve to meet your current and expanding needs with powerful optional packages described below.

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T°Imager® Models

T°Imager® P14

Quiet, compact design for non-invasive, deep-submicron temperature mapping using selectable visible light.

T°Imager® P14U

Integrated T°Imager® P14 and QFI InfraScope™ system for thermal mapping from UV to IR.



Data Analysis

The T°Imager® user interface contains all of the tools required to perform an initial analysis of the collected data. The thermal imaging results immediately appear in the window, adjacent to a live view of the device under test. Users can choose from a drop-down menu to visualize the change in reflectivity (ΔR/R), the Coefficient of Thermoreflectance (CTR), the change in temperature, and the intensity of electroluminescence on the surface of the device under test. Users can also create vertical and horizontal traces within the field of view to generate line plots of the results.

TMX Scientific also offers T°Pixel™, an in-depth, stand-alone software application that offers pixel-perfect analytics and pixel-by-pixel calibration. T°Imager® users can purchase T°Pixel™ licenses to run on desktop and laptop computers. Contact TMX Scientific for more information on T°Pixel™ licenses.

Versatile and Customizable

The T°Imager® thermography system's modular design enables it to easily evolve based on your needs. Choose from a line of illumination sources and consider upgrading to include TMX Scientific’s Calibration Package and/or Transient Package to take full advantage of the system’s capabilities. A TMX Scientific specialist can work with you to select the best system configuration for your testing requirements and budget.


  • Large thermal image size: up to 1000×1000 pixels
  • Superior spatial resolution: up to 0.2 µm (7.8E-6 in.)
  • Speed: full, submicron thermal image in seconds
  • Temperature accuracy: Better than 3% of measured temperature change
  • Turn-key operation
  • No surface treatment or painting required
  • Measure materials that are transparent to infrared
  • Non-contact, fully optical approach
  • Modular Design
  • Great portability: compact and probing station mountable
  • Great flexibility: adjustable triggering for device activation
  • Easy viewing of results: T°Viewer™ software package, included with T°Imager® purchase
  • Transient capability (with Transient Package)
  • Novel pixel-by-pixel calibration (with T°Pixel™ and Calibration Package)
  • Nanoscale dynamic alignment (with T°Pixel™ or Calibration Package)


  • Measure the surface temperature fields of active electronic and optoelectronic devices, MEMS
  • Measure the surface temperature fields of any type of externally modulated and controllable heated microscale structures
  • Validate thermal design of microelectronic devices and ICs
  • Perform quality control based on thermal imaging
  • Locate hot spots and measure amplitude at device level
  • Diagnose defects that generate hot spots
  • Measure electroluminescence emission